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Hi everyone my name is Sade Thomasos I used to live in Vancouver but have recently relocated to NYC! I am a Holistic Nutritionist and I specialize in gut health and inflammation. I got into Holistic Nutrition because I was struggling with my own health issues and wanted to learn how food can be used for healing to ultimately heal my own woes. I fell in love with the approach because it not only looks at what you put in your body but your overall lifestyle including movement, mindfulness, sleep and mindset.

With the majority of us spending more time at home I wanted to put together a list, definitely not an exhaustive list, of some nutrition and self-care podcasts for you to listen to while we #stayin!

During this time it is important that we are doing all we can to take care of ourselves a boost our immune system. Taking some me-time is so important! One hormone to highlight is called cortisol, cortisol is what spikes when we are stressed but it also starts to rise when we are waking up. It is important that we keep it balanced, and one way to do it is just chill. So let's chill and listen to something inspirational.

Podcasts are such a great medium as they allow you to listen, learn and share all at the click of a button and from anywhere. Many of you may know that there are podcasts on many topics from everything from true crime to clean beauty. This list is going to focus on self-care and nutrition podcasts. Let's get into it!

Self care:

Black Girl in Om

- A binge worthy podcast, this dynamic duo of Deun Ivory and Lauren Ash talking about wellness, yoga and self development with the goal of closing the wellness gap.

Holding Space

- Hosted by Dr Cassidy Freitas a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist sharing stories about joy, growth and change.


- Hosted by Lindsey Mueller, a wellness and lifestyle blogger, this podcast allows you to dive in and explore from within, teaching us how to live well and lie in awareness.


- Hosted by Katie Horwitch who wants us all to shift our negative talk patterns into moving forward and spreading the good word.


The Plant Proof Podcast

- Hosted by Simon Hill, this podcast has some of the best interviews of those in the nutrition world from Dietitians to Doctors to Vegan Pro Bodybuilders talking about plant-based eating during pregnancy to how to keep our heart healthy.

Rich Roll

- Hosted by Rich Roll an athlete and best selling author who has the best conversations about health, fitness and overall well-being.

Food Heaven Made Easy

- Hosted by 2 dietitians Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez who believe that balance is the key and that food should be both pleasure and nutritious- yes please!


- Hosted by me, with the goal of planting seeds of encouragement to live a holistically healed life. Sharing all things wellness from matcha to adaptogens.

Feel free to find me on IG @sadethomasosnutrition or head over to my website www.sadethomasos.comif you have any questions you will find recipes, nutrition tips and all things wellness.

Be Well, Sade 

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