Building Immunity with Turmeric

Building Immunity with Turmeric

Fear of flus are at an all time high. We want to encourage keeping calm, washing your hands and getting lots of rest. During this time, nourishing your body to stay healthy is as important as ever.

Given that, we thought it would be a great time to remind everyone to protect their immune system, so that it can protect you! (And so that you don’t get the rest of us sick.) An easy way to start is by looking no further than your kitchen cabinet. It’s true! Sure, you could take the traditional route and stuff your stomach full of all the drugstore tablets and liquid medicines you can get your hands on. But why not try something a bit more holistic?

If you follow along with our blog, you may have already read about the benefits of turmeric. Aside from supporting liver health, balancing hormone levels and promoting glowing skin, turmeric is one of the most potent natural immune boosters available. Therefore, adding it into your daily diet can help you not only prevent, but fight off and recover from the perils of the common cold and flu. Should we mention that it leaves you with a wonderful, warm feeling inside and makes for great Instagram photos?

So, just how can a simple spice do all of that? It’s more than a simple spice- it’s a superfood spice. This is because turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Turmeric is loaded with nourishing antioxidants. A compound within it called curcumin gets most of the credit for these benefits as well as for its vibrant hue. Basically, when it comes to the body’s defense system, turmeric has the ability to supercharge it.

Looking for an easy way to incorporate more of it into your lifestyle? Grab our simple at-home Turmeric Tonic recipe! While turmeric is the star of this drink, it also boasts some other amazing superhero ingredients like lemon, ginger, and  cinnamon that supply additional health benefits. It’s ultra-healing and ultra-yummy. And with the flu season in full force, there’s never been a better time to look out for your well-being (and others).

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Need an at home solution? Gargle warm water, Turmeric Blend and salt to give your body an viral fighting boost.

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