Blume New Year's Resolutions

Ella + Karen


New Years is and has always been an amazing time for reflection. How was the year and what do we want to see out of the next. Owning a small business feels a little fragile. One day you are unstoppable and the next you are casually scrolling indeed for interesting career opportunities. You are in control of your fate logically, but emotionally you are in a car and the brakes don’t work, there is ice on the road and you forgot to renew your insurance.

Setting goals and resolutions is something we have always done, with varying degrees of success. Timelines have proven to be quite flexible, but we feel good about the trend and general direction. This year we wanted to create resolutions for our business, and share them with our community who has supported Blume and helped us get into nearly 400 retail stores in two years. We never thought Blume would be what it is today, and we are incredibly thankful as we head into 2020.

One of the biggest resolutions we have for Blume is relating to intention. Intention is something we try very hard to keep our focus on. We find it easy to dive into maintenance items, answer emails and finish small tasks that keep the status quo but don’t move you forward. In 2020 we want our actions to always be working towards a purpose. If an action doesn’t support our overarching goal in a meaningful way, we shouldn’t do it.

Our Brand purpose has always been to create thoughtful, useful products, that support self care physically and mentally. Products that are inclusive, versatile and encourage healthy everyday choices. So that is our north star for 2020. We hope that we can embody this goal, in every choice we make from product development to how it gets to the hands of our customers.

Transparency is another value that we want to highlight in 2020. Showing our customers the care we put into creating recipes, sourcing our ingredients and the fun we have doing it. Adding a little of the small in small business, by sharing the people behind the misspelled instagram posts, or crooked labels. We want to create products we are proud of, believe in and that are ultimately freaking tasty.

Blume has always been a project in learning about business but also about ourselves. We want to spend time sharing that journey with our community and opening the door to the inner workings of our company.

Ok so I think we better stop there. Don’t want to write ourselves into a corner. Two resolutions seems like a good start. Two big daddy goals that we can zoom in on. Full speed ahead in 2020. Happy New Year Folks, let's make it a good one.

— Karen + Ella

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