Holiday Gift Roundup!

BC Gifts for no particular order...with a few self plugs:

If you didn't know, Blume is based in Vancouver, BC and we are proudly Canadian made. We have been lucky enough to find an amazing community of local entrepreneurs who are working on their passion projects. Creating gorgeous, BC products that you can feel good about gifting. Leading into the holiday season, we want to highlight some of our favorite local makers and products. We have also included some of our favorite Vancouver Boutiques and Markets for those who prefer the in-person shopping experience!

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. Check out this roundup of BC gifts for her.

Well Kept Razors

Plastic free and environmentally friendly shaves. Not only do these babies look beautiful on your shelf, they are hand packaged by two local women in North Vancouver who are looking to change the way we look at disposable razors and self-care. Beautifully designed and carefully assembled, these razors are available in three pretty shades along with oils, soaps and salts for all the self-care your heart desires.



Leah Alexandra

I remember the first time I visited Leah Alexandra’s studio in Gastown. A picturesque loft complete with brick walls, high ceilings and jewel displays. Leah creates timeless, simple and feminine jewellery at accessible pricing. They have a mini retail set up at the front of their studio, complete with customization, engravings and style answers on-site. Separate from beautiful stuff, it is a great shopping experience.



Stil Classics

Stil Classics make all the stationary and desktop accessories you need to make those 2020 goals a reality. Their designs are simple and elegant, with solutions to planning, journaling, managing finances and more. For all those occasions where you just need to write it down.




Abeego has been my go-to stocking stuffer for a few holiday seasons now. Made with beeswax, these wraps are reusable, plastic-free, antibacterial and compostable. I use mine, to keep herbs, veg and fruit fresh in my fridge. Other than being plastic-free, I find these just plain easier to use.





Super Crush

Made in Vancouver, Super Crush is bringing scrunchies back in a real addictive way. I have never felt so good about a messy bun. Loving the skinnies and rose velvet scrunchie.







These elegant soaks look and feel so good. We love the reusable and minimalist packaging. Kismet offers a range of bath soaks and scrubs for the ultimate bath experience.




Woodlot uses all-natural essential oils to create candles, soaps and lotions. They use ancient techniques to inspire new beauty rituals and we love them!





Bit of self promo ;)

Our blends are the perfect gift for anyone managing their caffeine or looking towards their New Year Health resolutions.

Choose the blend that meets personalized health goals. Turmeric Latte Mix for inflammation and those suffering from arthritis, or our Beetroot Latte Mix for your friend low in iron. Use the blends in hot cozy drinks by the fire, or add them to your oatmeal and smoothies to boost the nutrition of your regular go-tos.

Flax Sleep

Flax Sleep creates bedding that makes you feel like you are sleeping in a "Dream Bedroom" Pinterest collection. They also have gorgeous robes that are 100% French stonewashed linen. Personally never getting dressed again.



Bare Skin Bars

These bath bombs are all natural and are infused with stress relieving essential oil blends. They also offer facial masks, detox soaps and body polishes that are all as soothing and pretty as they are beautiful. Talk about encouraging self care moments!


Local Books that made an impression:

The Measure of My Powers by Jackie Kai Ellis

My book club read this book and we were all completely moved by her journey. The founder of Beaucoup Bakery, Jackie tells a raw and beautiful story of becoming. The book also includes recipes that are sure to become household favorites.

Vancouver Foodie Books

Mouthwatering cookbooks that showcase local restaurants, cafes and more. Recipes from some of Vancouver's top spots and chefs. The books come plant based, or separated out into neighbourhood. These books celebrate local and Vancouver as much as any book can.


Fave Vancouver Boutiques:

Sometimes you just want to shop in person. Ask questions and get some answers. Here are just a few of our favorite retailers to visit in Vancouver. All of them support local, are beautiful shopping experiences with knowledgeable staff.

Nineteen 10: Elegant and well-made home goods. My dream living room, looks like their store window. Located in Mount Pleasant.

Vegan Supply: For vegan edible delights. They always have new and interesting products in-store. Located in Chinatown. They are so supportive of local food makers, and one of our first stockists.

Gourmet Warehouse: Paradise for any foodie. Huge range of beautiful kitchen and food goods. Located in Strathcona.

Walrus: Unique gifts that emphasize Canadian design. The team at Walrus knows the ins and outs of every product they carry. Located in Cambie Village.

Much and Little: Beautiful clothes, practical homewares, and the most local feeling gift store. Located in Mount Pleasant.

Gatley: Well made clothing scattered with unique gifts, Gatley owner has an eye for upcoming brands and the shelves are full of them. Located on Commercial Drive.


This is just a small list, Vancouver has so many great stores. See our retailer map for stores that may be closer to you and carry Blume.


Christmas Markets

Farmers markets and local markets are great ways to find new makers and experience the goods in person. It is usually the makers standing there, eager to tell you about their products and process.

From personal experience, we love questions and the opportunity to talk directly to our customers and hear what they think

Refresh Local Market (Nov 15/16 2019) in Squamish and Fall for Local (Nov 16/17) in North Van are two of our favorites. We will be at both of these markets this year sampling our blends.


There are many great brands in BC. We are so proud to be part of this community. We couldn't include everyone we love, but send us in your fave brands. We will do our best to keep this list updated. Happy browsing!




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