Lavender Cream Matcha Set

Blume Lavender Cream Matcha Set with Milk Frother
Blume Superfood Matcha Latte
Blume Blue Lavender Superfood Latte
Blume Lavender Cream Matcha Set Nutritional Panel

Lavender Cream Matcha Set

$65.00 60 SERVINGS

Did you know those $5+ coffee shop lattes have more than 30 grams of refined sugar and syrups? (AKA your entire days worth of sugar...) We decided to make it better for you. Organic ingredients, no refined sugars, boosted with superfoods, and at a fraction of the price. 

Meet Blue Lavender: Gently floral and subtly sweet, this calming blend can be enjoyed as your evening caffeine-free night-cap, or whisked with whipping cream to top off your iced Matcha Lattes  *chef's kiss

Meet Matcha Coconut: Blended with Moringa for an extra boost of antioxidants, this smooth and creamy introduction to Matcha will leave your taste buds begging for another.

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