SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus

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SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus
SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus
SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus
SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus
SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus
SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus

SuperBelly Strawberry Hibiscus


Gut health and hydration are interconnected and foundational to feeling your best. SuperBelly combines our love of superfoods with prebiotics (from inulin), trace minerals, fermented apple cider vinegar, and clinically studied probiotics that contribute to a healthy gut flora.

Bright, juicy, and tart, this water elixir comes together in no time. Add to cold water, shake with ice and hit the road, plane, gym, or mat with intention. This hydrating tonic uses real acerola, strawberry, and hibiscus, for the superfood kick we can’t resist. (15 Servings/Package)


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Modern Life Has Been Hard On Our Guts

High stress levels, changing diets, and environmental toxins have weakened our gut lining and created microbiome imbalances.

That's why we created SuperBelly.

It All Starts In Your Gut

Almost every system of the body is influenced by our guts - intricately linked to our mental and physical health.


Improved Mood

95% of your serotonin is produced in the gut1.


Stronger Immunity

80% of your immune system is built in your gut lining2.


Better Energy & Focus

Your gut has more nerves than your spinal cord and constantly sends signals to your brain. 

Clear & Glowing Skin

Skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema are often associated with hormonal imbalance from poor gut health.

Over 60% of Adults Experience Weekly Digestive and Gut Issues3

Strengthening our gut is essential to preventing viruses, allergens and toxins from entering your bloodstream, supporting serotonin production, building a healthy immune system, and guarding against inflammation.


Feeding good gut bacteria and maximizing nutrient absorption.


Spore forming, clinically researched live cultures (AKA the good gut bacteria).


Trace minerals that hydrate you faster than water and support digestion and de-bloating. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

A source of acetic acid, used for centuries to support digestion.

Superfood Hydration For a Happy Gut

75% of North Americans are dehydrated4, but hydration is integral to good gut health supporting the removal of toxins, absorption of nutrients, and your gut barrier.

Add 1 Pack to Water 



Science Backed Formulation


Probiotics are live bacteria that promote beneficial gut bacteria. SuperBelly uses BC30®, a well-researched, shelf stable, spore forming probiotic that has over 25 published papers showing it supports digestive health, immunity and protein utilization.

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Key Health Stats


Prebiotic (from inulin)

1 Billion

CFU Probiotic




Daily Vitamin C

Gut Support

Probiotics, prebiotics and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Made with Superfoods

Organic ingredients that work as hard as you do.

Sugar Free

And still tasty.

Plant Based

Vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free.

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Health & Wellness Experts

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SuperBelly Starter Kit

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Three Flavours: Strawberry Hibiscus, Lemon Ginger, and Açai Pomegranate

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Prebiotics, Probiotics and Hydrating Trace Minerals

Probiotics that promote gut health and support immunity

Ingredients Backed by Science

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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15 Servings of Each Flavour


How many glasses of SuperBelly can I drink in a day?

It’s different for everyone! We use inulin as a prebiotic dietary fiber to support a healthy gut biome, and for some people large amounts of inulin can cause bloating and discomfort, especially the first few times you introduce it to your diet. We only use 1g of inulin per serving, so we recommend starting with a glass of SuperBelly a day for a week, then try adding a second pack, with 6-8 hours in between. See how your body reacts, and if there’s no upset, feel free to drink SuperBelly throughout the day at your own pace.

How often should I drink SuperBelly?

Every day! Science shows that probiotics should be taken daily. Probiotics are transient, meaning they enter our gut, influence the bacteria balance, and are excreted. Taking them every single day is the best way to get the happiest gut 🙂

We recommend maintaining a two-hour window between taking antibiotics and drinking SuperBelly, and vice versa. Antibiotics can kill probiotics, so leaving a couple of hours in between can help ensure you’re getting all of SuperBelly’s benefits!

How do I know if SuperBelly is right for me?

SuperBelly was made for anyone who needs a lil’ extra help with their gut (AKA most of us!)

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, we always recommend checking in with a doctor or trusted healthcare professional before adding anything new to your routine, especially if any ingredients are new to you. 

Blumies with IBS should also consult a trusted healthcare professional, since SuperBelly contains inulin, which is a fructan and not part of the FODMAP diet. That said, research shows that inulin is beneficial for those with IBS-C or with constipation, so it’s always best to double check to see if adding SuperBelly to your routine makes sense for you!

Is this product travel safe?

Attention, all jetsetters: SuperBelly’s convenient single serve packaging makes it the perfect travel buddy to slip into your carry-on or weekender bag. Traveling can often upset digestion and regularity, so SuperBelly is a great way to support your gut health and digestion when you’re on-the-go!

What does it taste like?

Think of a tart and juicy pink lemonade with a subtle hint of tropical hibiscus. Light, refreshing, and our founder, Karen's favourite for a reason.

Is this product organic?

All of our ingredients are organic or non-GMO. Some of SuperBelly’s ingredients, like citric acid and probiotics, aren’t available as organic certified ingredients, so we aren’t able to make any claims around SuperBelly being 100% organic (...yet! We’re always looking for new suppliers of organic-certified ingredients and will update our community as we go).

What probiotic do you use and why?

SuperBelly’s probiotic is bc30TM (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6068) - we’ve done the research, and chose bc30 because it’s spore-forming, shelf stable, and backed by over 25 published papers to prove it can support digestive health, immune health, and protein utilization.

SuperBelly’s probiotic has a shell to protect it from pH, heat, cold and pressures, which means it doesn’t activate until you drink it. It’s also shelf stable, so it will outlast SuperBelly’s 18 month shelf life (in the *super* unlikely event that you don’t get through your SuperBelly stash in time!).

What is the shelf life?

SuperBelly has a shelf life of 18 months! We recommend storing our products in a cool, dry spot, like a pantry or cupboard, to keep the ingredients fresh.

What are the ingredients?

Apple cider vinegar powder*, Inulin* (Jerusalem artichoke*), Citric acid, Natural flavor*, Beetroot, carrot and blueberry juice* (color), Pink Himalayan salt, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086®, Strawberry juice powder*, Lime juice powder*, Stevia extract*, Hibiscus powder*, Acerola cherry juice concentrate*.

Contains 1 billion CFU Bacillus coagulans per serving.

WARNING: California residents

What are the natural flavours?

The natural flavours listed in SuperBelly's ingredients are vegan and organic fruit, floral, and botanical extracts! 

All three SuperBelly flavours have their own extracts - for example, Strawberry Hibiscus has strawberry and hibiscus extracts. There are no hidden ingredients, it's just how the extracts need to be labelled on our ingredients list to be compliant in Canada and the US!

What water temperature should I use to make SuperBelly?

SuperBelly is soluble in cold water! We recommend adding SuperBelly to a cup or bottle of cold water, stir or shake until dissolved, then add ice for smooth sipping 😋

PS: a little sediment is normal with all natural ingredients!

What is the 30-Day Guarantee?

We want you to be 100% happy with your blends, that's why we offer our Perfect Sip Promise. If you don't love your order, let us know within 30 days of your order date and we will make it right.

The only exclusions are sale/discounted items and accessories.

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