3 Pink Drinks

pink beetroot latte




Beetroot packs a punch, full of vitamin A, B, & C, minerals, antioxidants, folate and iron you can enjoy these lattes without any regrets. Beetroot lattes are naturally pink and make amazing treats for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Treat Yo Self Day, Mondays etc. 

This pretty lady isn't just good for you, she is versatile too. We want to show you that you can use our Beetroot Latte Blend straight up but also how easy it is to get creative and make twists at home. Check out these ideas on how to mix it up with our vegan, caffeine free and sugar free Beetroot Latte Blend.


Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Craving a slice of red velvet cake? If you are anything like us, the answer is 'hell yea.' Here is a shortcut for you my friend. Sometimes you will see this on menus as a "Red Velvet Latte."

Mix 1 teaspoon of Blume Beetroot Blend with 1 teaspoon of Cacao or Cocoa Powder. Add a splash of hot water and blend to make a slurry. Add 1.5 cups of your favourite warm non-dairy milk and sprinkle with more cocoa powder or cinnamon. Feeling extra bad? Add some coco whip.


Rose Beet Latte

The prettiest pinkest latte there ever was. Lightly floral and sweet, this is an amazing spring drink that is going to keep you smiling all. day. long.

Mix 1 teaspoon of Blume Beetroot Blend with 1 pump of Rose Syrup or Rose Water. Mix together with 1.5 cups of your favour hot or cold non-dairy milk. We like this one over ice, in a tall clear tumbler.

Don't have Rose? This works with hibiscus & rooibos too. Heat/steep your milk with a hibiscus or rooibos tea bag to get a similar garden party vibe. Sprinkle a few petals on top. Sure... its harder to drink but damn we love a finishing touch.


Beet Lemonade

Add 1 teaspoon of our Beetroot Blend to a shaker with, simple syrup/agave/honey, ice, fresh lemon juice and sparkling water.

Think pink lemonade, super refreshing and the ginger comes on slightly spicy. Garnish with a slice of lemon. We suggest making a pitcher of this at a time. One just isn't going to be enough.

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