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Best Sellers Bundle!
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Bestsellers Bundle
Bestsellers Bundle
Beetroot Latte Blend
Bestsellers Bundle
 Bestseller Bundle Nutrition Facts

Bestsellers Bundle

$75.00 $85.00

Save $10 on four of our best selling superfood blends when you buy together.  From morning to night, this bundle has got you covered. Energize, soothe, heal and de-stress with carefully formulated blends that support your wellness routine.  

Vegan ☁ Caffeine Free  ☁ Organic ☁ Sugar Free

This bundle includes full sized blends. Each bag is 30 servings. Use in your favourite mylk (hot or cold), add to smoothies, oatmeal and baked goods.

One full sized blend of each of the below! 

  • Matcha Coconut Blend
  • Chili Turmeric Latte Blend
  • Beetroot Latte Blend
  • Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend

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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Recipe Book with every order!

Hero Ingredients!

Hero Ingredients!

Matcha is loaded with antioxidants and half the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

Turmeric supports your immune system, soothes achey joints and skin flare ups. 

Beetroot is loaded with nitrates, iron and vitamins that help you repair fast.

Ashwagandha relieves stress naturally and fights the blues.

The Perfecto Cup!

The Perfecto Cup!

Step one:
Add 1 tsp of your Blume mix to your cup or mug.

Step two:
Mix with a splash of boiling water and blend until smooth.

Step three:
Add 1 cup of hot or cold milk and stir. 

Step four:
Sweeten with maple syrup and enjoy!

DYK our matcha has half the caffeine of a cup of coffee?

Peel Me!

Add our blends to anything!

Add our blends to anything!

Think outside the milk carton. Our blends are great for smoothies, soups, salad dressings and oatmeal bowls.

Checkout our blog, The Scoop for recipes and ideas!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Some okay, some great

Got the bestsellers package! The turmeric blends are really nice and flavourful, love the taste of them! The matcha is definitely not my favourite - as it doesn’t have a strong matcha flavour and is very coconut forward. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for a good matcha. The beetroot is so pretty and taste is very subtle but still pleasant! All blends stain very easily so be careful!

All the things

I love that I can use non-diary milk and still get great flavours! Love all the flavours, Beets I was on the fence but I can throw into smoothies

Great taste

I recently bought the bundle (4) because I didn't know what to order and wanted to try them.The spicy chili one with turmeric I find it very spicy for my taste. The other 3 are very nice, especially the matcha and the beet ones. I usually take them in the evening after dinner as I find them very comforting and soothing.

Pretty good

I’m enjoying the blends from the Bestsellers Bundles but I’m not sure if order them again.


Bestsellers Bundle

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