5 Reasons Everyone Is Swapping Coffee Shop Pumpkin Spice Latte's for Blume's

Blume’s superfood drinks are your secret to ditching the afternoon crash and feeling your best! Say goodbye to that 2pm coffee. These nutrient-packed beverages were formulated by nutritionists to support your energy, digestion, and sleep, but actually taste good.

1. Made With Functional Superfoods

This tasty, nutrient-packed Pumpkin Spice Latte was formulated by nutritionists and made with organic superfoods to support your wellness goals. One cup even contains 56% of your daily Vitamin A!

2. It's Only 1g of Sugar!

A typical PSL contains a whopping 50g of sugar – double our recommended daily intake. Skip the traditional syrup-y lattes and try Blume’s. Sweetened with Canadian maple sugar totalling just 1g of sugar per latte.

3. You Decide When to Add Caffeine

Did you know, six hours after you consume caffeine, half of it is still in your body, leaving us tossing and turning all night. Blume's lattes were intentionally made as caffeine-optional so you decide if and when to add espresso. By energizing naturally in the afternoon with Blume’s superfood drinks, you can set yourself up for a deep, restful sleep.

4. Your Bank Account Will Thank You

Each full sized bag of Blume contains 30 servings, working out to $0.83 per latte. About 85% cheaper than a latte from the shop down the street – which means more money in your pocket in a time where every dollar counts.

5. People Absolutely Love Blume

Meticulously formulated to resemble coffee shop flavours you already know and love, but better for you. It’s no wonder they’re rated 4.5/5 stars from over 6,500 customers!

"It has completely eliminated my desire to get a PSL at any coffee shop because it's not only delicious, but allows me to control the amount and type of sweetener and milk I use."


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4.5/5 Stars

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Superfood Latte Powder




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We swapped the caffeine, syrups and dairy, for organic superfood ingredients so you can sip back with a barista-worthy PSL you can feel good drinking. Perfect hot or on ice, and mixes well with a shot of espresso, if that's your style.


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