Beetroot Blend

Beetroot Blend
Beetroot Blend
Beetroot Blend
Beetroot Blend
Beetroot Blend
Beetroot Blend
Beetroot Blend

Beetroot Blend

$25.00 $0.83 PER LATTE

Looking for a caffeine-free boost? This pretty pink latte is more than just a pretty face. DYK beetroot is high in nitrates, which works to boost our energy and help our muscles recover post-workout? Who knew something so good for you could be so cute! (30 lattes)


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High in nitrates for a caffeine-free energy boost.


An antioxidant-rich anti-inflammatory.


Natural prebiotic goodness.


A magical root supporting digestion and bloating.

A bag of Blume Beetroot Blend surrounded by a Blume Pink Milk Frother, grinds in a glass cup, milk in a glass milk carton creamer, a gold spoon with grinds, and a dumbbells weight

More Than
Just a Pretty Face

  • Refined Sugar-Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Plant-Based
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Plastic Neutral Plus
  • Less Than $1 Per Cup
Milk pouring into a glass cup of pink beetroot latte made with Blume Beetroot Blend with a gold spoon on a pink background with cloud

The Perfect Pink Latte


Stir together 1 tsp of the blend and a splash of hot water. Sweeten to taste as desired (we like honey).


Add a cup of frothed warm or iced mylk of choice & enjoy!

DYK there are over 20 dehydrated beets in this blend?



What are the ingredients?

Beetroot Powder*, Cinnamon Powder*, Ginger Root Powder*, and Ground Cloves*.

All our ingredients are micro-ground for better absorption of health benefits and more versatility. Go beyond a latte (hot or iced), to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal, or your fave baked goods.

What does this blend taste like?

Aromatic and full-bodied, this blend tastes earthy and naturally sweet all at once. With warm spice notes and a hint of clove—you won't even know it's made from beets!

What are nitrates?

Nitrates are a natural combination of nitrogen and oxygen molecules, but have gotten a bad rap since they’re used as a preservative in some processed meats. These processed nitrates may have harmful impacts, however, naturally sourced nitrates found in vegetables like celery, leafy greens, and of course, beets, are healthy and have lots of health benefits! When consumed, your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide, which helps to support blood flow and stamina, supporting heart health and performance.

What are the health benefits of beets?

Beets are rich in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, folate and antioxidants making it a great post-workout recovery drink. Learn more about the health benefits of beets here!

How else can I use this blend?

We love this blend hot or iced! You can also use the Beetroot blend in berry smoothies, pink pancakes or a pink jalapeño margarita!

Does this blend contain any sugar?

This blend contains 1g of sugar per serving, which comes from the naturally occurring sugars in beets!

What is the 30-Day Guarantee?

We want you to be 100% happy with your blends, that's why we offer our Perfect Sip Promise. If you don't love your order, let us know within 30 days of your order date and we will make it right.

The only exclusions are sale/discounted items and accessories.

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