7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is one of those feel-good foods (hello, sticky buns). But the bark’s aromatic taste isn’t it’s only positive. In addition to the sweet, soothing flavor it’s known for, this superfood also touts an impressive nutritional kick and numerous health benefits. One of the oldest spices, like cacao and turmericcinnamon has been used medicinally by eastern cultures for centuries.

Here are 7 reasons to add a little more cinnamon into your diet:


Cinnamon is an excellent source of antioxidants

Antioxidants protect your body from the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, and cinnamon is packed with them. In fact, research has identified over 40 chemical compounds, which is more than garlic and oregano combined. Just one teaspoon packs as much potency as a half cup of blueberries!

Cinnamon has high anti-inflammatory properties

The antioxidants present in the cinnamon also possess anti-inflammatory properties. This means that cinnamon is highly effective in decreasing aches and pains, helping the body repair itself and reducing the harshness of allergic reactions.

Cinnamon protects your heart

Cinnamon guards your heart by reducing cholesterol, LDL (low-density lipids/ bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, while maintaining HDL levels (high-density lipids/ good cholesterol). Cinnamon also helps in lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation, all of which lowers the risk of heart disease.

Cinnamon improves mental health

Even just the soothing smell of cinnamon can be incredibly beneficial for improving the basic functions of the brain, like memory. With the help of antioxidants, it can also reduce the oxidation process, protect precious neurons and improve cognition.

Cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar levels

Cinnamon is a well-known spice amongst the diabetic community, as it decreases blood sugar levels by reducing insulin resistance. Moreover, cinnamon also slows down the activity of digestive enzymes, thus preventing the entry of high doses of glucose entering the bloodstream after a carb-rich meal.

Cinnamon fights bacteria

Cinnamon is enriched with antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties, making it an amazingly beneficial spice to protect against illness. It’s also loaded with several compounds that enhance the body's natural immune system to fight against infections, which means it has the ability to stop the growth of bacteria and protect you from a sore throat, pneumonia and the common cold.

Cinnamon is beneficial for oral hygiene

Cinnamon possesses antimicrobial properties which help in fighting against oral bacteria as well. Oral bacteria is the main cause of tooth decay, mouth infections and even bad breath. Cinnamon combats it naturally and is also high in calcium, which supports the development and maintenance of strong teeth.


With fall in full swing, there’s never been a better time to spice things up a bit and take full advantage of these superfood health benefits! You can find cinnamon in our Beetroot BlendCacao Turmeric Blendand Turmeric Blend. Simply stir up a mug or add a teaspoon to smoothies and oatmeal as an easy way to boost your breakfast and add more wellness to your day.

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