Oat Milk Chai Blend


Oat Milk Chai Blend
Oat Milk Chai Blend
Oat Milk Chai Blend
Oat Milk Chai Blend
Oat Milk Chai Blend

Oat Milk Chai Blend


A familiar cup of Chai, but make it decaf and hold the syrup. With key ingredients found in an authentic Chai proudly sourced from organic cooperative farms in India, this blend of superfood spices is smooth, rich, and bold, with a dreamy touch of oat. Delicious hot or cold, blended with coffee or added to your smoothie! Turns out the perfect chai does exist. You ready? (30 servings)

Decaf Black Tea Extract*, Ginger Root Powder*, Cinnamon Powder*, Oat Milk Powder*, Cardamom Powder*, Fennel Powder*, Ground Cloves*, Nutmeg Powder*, Milk Thistle Powder*, Black Pepper Powder*.

All our ingredients are micro-ground for better absorption of health benefits and more versatility. Go beyond a latte (hot or iced), to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal, or your fave baked goods.

Floral cardamom, rich ginger, sweet fennel, and a spicy hint of black pepper, balanced with that creamy oat finish you know and love. Your Cha-Cha-Chai awaits.

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Get Ready to Cha-Cha-Chai!


Sourced from co-operative organic farms in India.

Caffeine Optional

Perfect with or without a shot of espresso.


Say goodbye to the sugar-spiking syrup base.


Just 1g of natural sugar & the rest from mama earth too.

Us vs. Them

  Other Chai's
Refined Sugar-Free
$0.83 Cost Per Cup $5+

Two Steps to the Perfect Chai

Stir together 1 tsp of the Chai Blend and a splash of hot water. Sweeten to taste as desired (we like maple syrup!)

Add a cup of frothed warm or iced mylk of choice & enjoy!

DYK Fennel helps boost a lactating mama's milk supply!

Peel Me!

Some Chai-spiration


Does this blend contain caffeine?

The decaffeination process doesn’t remove 100% of the caffeine from our Organic Black Tea extract, so there are trace amounts in this blend.

Do I still need to add milk if this blend contains ‘oat milk powder’?

Oat Milk Chai will dissolve in hot water, but we recommend adding your fave plant milk for extra creaminess! If you’d like to enjoy this blend as a latte, prepare as usual by dissolving the blend in a splash of hot water and topping with steamed mylk.

Are the oats used gluten free?

Yes! The oats in our oat milk powder are sourced from a certified gluten free oat milling facility.

Is this blend pregnancy & breastfeeding safe?

We always recommend checking in with a healthcare professional before adding anything new to your routine. Ingredients like cinnamon and ginger can sometimes be associated with contractions, but milk thistle and fennel are shown to have galactogenic effects (aka giving mama's milk supply a boost!)

Is this blend refined sugar free?

Yes! This blend contains no added sugars, and just one gram of natural sugar from the oat milk powder. This means the sweetness level is up to you! We like adding a dash of maple syrup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Great in smoothies

I've recently started having hemp protein smoothies, and this chai powder gives it a je ne sais quoi of flavor. Literally just a banana, hemp protein, a tsp of chai powder, and a cup of plain oat milk - no sweetener needed!
I have yet to try it in lattes, but it is pretty spicy, so I might try making a syrup from it. Could be good in baked oats too!

Rose Commisso
Definitely Delicious !

This is Definitely Delicious ! It’s a treat and the best part is ,it’s natural and 100x better than anything other products I’ve tried IMO ,I feel like my own barista! Thank you 😊 for such an amazing product ❤️

Fadiya Sheikheldin

I am a diabetic and come summer time it’s always such a struggle finding drinks that won’t put me in a come 😩😂 UNTIL NOW!! I love me some chai but this right here is on another level. The spice, the warmth, and not having to worry about the sugar is a blessing in a cup!! So so yummy I will be restocking!

Susana Bustillo
Oat Milk Chai

Delicious! So good!

Angela Hoffman

I love me a very good Starbucks chi tea latte made with oat milk extra hot ——I am soooooo excited this chi tea oat milk blend is truly delicious and also good for me !!!! Sorry Starbucks I have me a new best friend !!!!

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