Two women, one dog and an obsession with creating something "special."

The Story.

The Story.

Ella and Karen met three years ago. It was a fall day. The air was crisp and their pints were full at a local Vancouver pub. Brought together by a mutual friend, the two instantly connected over good beer and bad boyfriends. That night, although both felt a connection, they stumbled away from each other, unsure if they would ever meet again.

Three years later they would reconnect on a camping trip. They sat on an inflatable lounger, Tuesday, Ella’s dog, sprawled across their laps, talking about dreams, ambitions and now ex-boyfriends. After a few ‘Dude, no I love you mores,’ the pair’s friendship was solidified and celebrated with Hey Y’alls. Blume is our love child, born from highs and lows, pints and starry night brainstorming. We want Blume to support a lifestyle that is open, vibrant and lived fully.

Meet our two founders!

Creative boss lady. If you need an idea or something designed, Ella’s your gal. When Ella’s not working on Blume, you’ll find her punching bags at da gym, snuggling her dog and brainstorming dope jokes for Karen to laugh at.

Ops Guru Karen. Want something done? Get Karen on the job. When Karen’s not working on Blume, you’ll find her turtleneck shopping, hiking a mountain or yell laughing at one of Ella’s hilarious jokes (yes, Ella wrote this).

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