5 Reasons Women Are Swapping Their Second Cup of Coffee for Blume

Studies show that 54% of women are struggling with the negative side effects of caffeine, including jitters, anxiety and poor sleep.

1. It Gives You Long-Lasting, Jitter-Free Energy

Caffeine jitters and crash? No thank you.

Matcha has about 2/3 the caffeine content to a cup of coffee, but naturally has the amino acid L-theanine to help your body metabolize caffeine better to provide a long, steady energy-boost, without the jitters or crash.

2. You'll Have a Better, More Restful Sleep

Did you know half the caffeine in a cup of coffee is still in our system 6 hours later, despite us feeling like it's already worn off. That afternoon cup of joe is impacting your sleep more than you realize.

Blume's lattes are formulated with adaptogens and functional superfoods that support relaxation and stress, like Reishi, and Lavender, to improve your unwind routine.

3. They're Affordable

Barista quality lattes, for a fraction of the cost, that you can actually make at home. The supplement aisle is intimidating, the coffee shop lattes are high in sugar, and both are expensive...

So Blume made the best of both worlds. Organic superfood lattes with functional benefits that are creamy, delicious and 85% cheaper than a typical latte

4. They're 1g or Less of Sugar per Cup

A typical latte has up to 55g of refined sugars, which is more than double your daily recommended intake.

Blume uses sugar from natural organic sources totaling 1g or less per cup to promote smooth digestion, and leave any additional sweetening to your taste buds!

5. They Have Over 6,500 Reviews & Keep Selling Out

With over 350,000 happy latte lovers that have made Blume an integral piece in their daily routines and over 6,500 4.5 star reviews, you don't have to just take our word for it

"I'm feeling energized throughout the day and my sleep has improved a lot too. Can't go without my morning cup of Matcha!"


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Matcha Coconut, Blue Lavender, Rose London Fog, Oat Milk Chai & Reishi Hot Cacao


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