What to Expect From Sagittarius Season 2019

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Sagittarius season kicks off today and lasts until the Solstice on December 21st. While Mercury is no longer in retrograde (can we get a hallelujah?), we’re advised to still proceed with slight caution. With that being said, it’s a great time to say “yes” to new ventures and take some big leaps. Use this season’s energy to keep things light and focus on fun. Here’s a preview of what lies ahead based on your zodiac sign:


Hey, Aries, good news! During this time your talents and skills will be recognized and appreciated more than ever. You should finally begin to see some of your hard work pay off. So, sit back and enjoy it!


Hey, Taurus, now is a wonderful time to focus on your relationships. Whether it be colleagues, friends, family or a partner, look to deepen them in some way. Along with this will come an increased understanding of yourself!


Hey, Gemini, expect to see a forward-boosting rush of energy and excitement in your relationships during this cycle. Unexpected opportunities may present themselves, offering a fresh start in a new or existing partnership. Learn to accept and embrace change!


Hey, Cancer, during this time your work, daily routines and health endeavors should see improvement and growth. Keep your eye on the prize and be confident in your abilities, without overloading your plate, and good things will come!


Hey, Leo, your creative and playful side will come to life during this time. Use it for self-expression and a bit of self-exploration—you never know what may blossom


Hey, Virgo, now is a time of increased confidence, especially when it comes to feeling secure with yourself and where you are in life. Sit back, relax and enjoy how far you’ve come.


Hey, Libra, expect to find yourself ready to take on big and exciting projects! Your confidence in the future will be very strong during this cycle and will continue into 2020. You may also feel a stronger desire to connect with your roots. Go for it!


Hey, Scorpio, good news! During this season, money and self-worth will continue to expand and improve. Your desire for security and comfort will be stronger than ever, which will give you the gumption to pursue things with confidence. View this as an opportune time for continued learning.


Hey, Sagittarius, Jupiter is in your sign which means that it’s time to let loose. Expect to see your confidence soar to unusually high heights! Don’t hold back, chase those dreams!


Hey, Capricorn, this is an ideal time for creative and romantic endeavors. Lucky you! This means you should feel a more positive outlook on life and be ready to go after whatever (or whoever) it is that you want!


Hey, Aquarius, during this time you can expect your spiritual energy, compassion and tolerance to grow. This is a period for looking within, nourishing your soul and showing gratitude for what you have.


Hey, Pisces, during this season your connections to others should flourish. You should feel confident in the future and your ability to make things happen!

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