Iced Lattes!

Iced Blume Lattes













Our superfood blends are micro-ground ground for two reasons. First, grinding the ingredients increases the surface area and allows for better absorption of their health benefits. Second, it absolutely changes the versatility of our blends. You can add our blends to oatmeal, smoothies and baked goods without brewing, steeping or straining. For summer, we are whipping up iced lattes for simple summer treats.



Matcha Mixed with Hot Water
















Step 1:

First mix 1 teaspoon of your Blume blend with a splash of hot water. Mix together your Blume and hot water to dissolve, we are using a frother to mix together but any small whisk or even a spoon would work here. We call this a "slurry."

In this example we are using our Matcha Coconut Blend, but this recipe works with any of our blends.  You can also layer the blends for extremely unique and beautiful lattes. Matcha/Lavender or Beet/Turmeric are two layer latte combos that work very well!



















Step 2:

Choose your milk. Our top choices are almond milk, coconut milk or oat milk. But just use what's in your fridge. Pour 1 to 1.5 cups into your glass with lots of ice. If you like your drink stronger, stick to 1 cup.

Pour your blume & hot water mix right over your milk/ice and stir together. We like doing it this way so you get the swirl effect but you can also shake everything up in a mason jar or add your milk directly over your slurry. We have also used cocktail shakers, basically combine your slurry with milk anyway you like.



Iced Matcha Latte
















Step 3:

And you are done! Mix all together and sweeten to taste. Stevia, maple syrup, honey are great alternatives sweeteners that work very well with all our blends. Try this out at home with any of our blends and let us know what you think!



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