Blume's Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Blume, we like to use the holidays as a way to celebrate what makes the people in our lives unique. This gift guide was created to inspire you to to slow down and look at the special ones in your life for who they are and what they mean to you, instead of just a category or item on your holiday shopping checklist.

Now that you know who you want to gift to, we’re here with the help of some of our favourite brands to bring your warm and fuzzy thoughts to life.


The Eco-Friendly One

Saving the planet one reusable jar at a time is the name of their game. During the holidays you can find them strutting their stuff at a zero waste bulk food store or wrapping gifts in sustainable packaging.


1. The Brave Vegan Backpack by Matt and Nat

Made of vegan and cruelty free materials, this is a bag that can keep up with them... and their beliefs.


2. Adaptogenic Milk Blend by Blume

They’ll be sipping their lattes on creamy Cloud-9 with this plant-based milk concentrate. Created with love for the planet and a blend of healing adaptogens in mind, just one jar when mixed with water produces up to 5L of nut milk. Whether they're on the road to their next camping trip or are chillin’ at home, they’ll have a nut milk that tastes great and does great, too.



The One That's An Early Riser

They’re the first to jump out of bed and start tackling their to-do list. During the holidays you can find them putting on their ‘host with the most’ hat and telling you where you need to be and when, so you never miss out on your holiday plans.


1. Gratitude Journal by Intelligent Change

They can get their daily dose of happiness and move forward with positive thinking after putting pen to paper in this journal.

Use code ITSBLUME for 15% off your order from November 16th - November 23rd.


2. Blue Light Glasses by Bailey Nelson

Help them say goodnight to blue light and wake up feeling rested with glasses that support their body’s natural sleep and alertness cycles.


3. Matcha Coconut by Blume

Perking up and having energy that stays steady will be no problem with this blend in hand.



The Sleepy One

They can catch Z’s anywhere at any time on any day. During the holidays you can find them spritzing every room they walk into with lavender or  leaving the party early to crawl in bed by 9pm.


1. The Robe or The Long Robe by Flax Home

Comfort mode, activated. It’s the closest they’ll get to feeling like they’re still in bed, even after they’ve had to get up.


2. The 4oz Holiday Set by mala the brand

Nothing says self-care like your favourite candle. Hand-poured in Vancouver, BC and made of custom blended soy wax, any one of these will be sure to match any of their cozy winter moods.

Use code ITSBLUME15 for 15% off your purchase.


3. Unwind Bundle by Blume

Sipping, unwinding, and de-stressing will be the name of their game with this collection of blends in their cupboard. Designed to enhance sleep and shake off the day, Beetroot, Blue Lavender, Cacao Turmeric, and Reishi Hot Cacao will quickly become their nighttime routine’s new BFF.


The Active One

Nothing brings them joy like movin’ and groovin’ during a workout. During the holidays you’ll find them doing a yoga flow on Christmas morning when nobody’s looking or coaxing their family into going for a team walk after brunch. 


1. Rainer Tight, Foresthill Ascent Top, and Tugga Coat by Athleta

Help them give their body the hug it needs during their favourite workouts.

Use code MKY2H68BPJLD for 20% off your first order of $150 or more until December 31st.


2. Beetroot and Immunity Bundle by Blume

Be prepared to hear about the powers of superfoods when giving this gift. Blue Lavender, Cacao Turmeric, and Reishi Hot Cacao will keep them feelin’ fine before any workout and Beetroot will help them recharge after they've sweat it out.


The One With The Sweet Tooth

With words sweet like sugar, they’ve been known to stash a vegan chocolate chip cookie in their bag from time-to-time. During the holidays you’ll find them creating a world class dessert platter.


1. Chocolate Cinnamon Superfood Coconut Chips by Rawcology

Snacking, sweets, and smiles don’t always have to be correlated with refined sugar. They can indulge in these 6-ingredient treats whenever their heart desires.


2. Cacao Turmeric, Reishi Hot Cacao, and Mint Cocoa by Blume

Blume’s our name and functional hot chocolate is the key ingredient in our gift-giving game. This one goes out to all of the people who always have room for something sweet, no matter what mood they’re in.



Made it this far and still feel unsure about what to pick up for the people in your life? We've heard gift cards are always a good idea.

Tag us @itsblume so we can follow along with your favourite Blume holiday moments.

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